Emar ACS-800

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ACS-800 is a equipment which integrated amplifier detection, automatic change over and speaker supervision, it can provide the third party programming on-line and with SDK protocol interface. It is an...
  • Channel amplifier fault changeover with speaker line surveillance
  • 19” rack mount design in 1U height
  • One standby amplifier to backup 8 amplifier/7 amplifier/ 6 amplifier…/1 amplifier within 1 second
  • 8 speaker line supervision for open circuit, short circuit and impedance fluctuation
  • Each speaker zone detection time within 2 seconds, Each channel could detect 3W-1000W speaker
  • The amplifier and speaker line fault will be reminded by indicator, buzzer, fault out and RS485 out
  • 8 amplifier indicator, standby amplifier indicator and 8 speaker line indicator
  • With calibrate button on front panel to initialize or calibrate each amplifier and speaker line setting
  • With 8 balanced line inputs and 8 balanced line outputs with 24V overriding relay
  • With 8 amplifier 100V inputs and 8 zone 100V outputs
  • Dipswitch for 8 zone enable or disable the monitoring
  • 10% and 20% two speaker impedance monitoring options
  • Expandable from 8 zones to max 192 zones
  • 24V DC operation system
  • Support CAN and RS-485

ACS 800 Users Manual