Working at Tera means becoming part of dynamic team committed to achieving challenging objectives in international and multicultural contexts. Our business is becoming more specialized and our workers have to possess unique skills to ensure Tera remains at the forefront of innovation, progress and efficiency.

The challenge we face is knowing what skills to focus on and then deciding whether to foster these talents internally or focus on external sources to locate skilled employees. Often this means planning well ahead of time to develop our employees’ potential and equip them with the skills they’ll need or enhance those which they already possess.

Professional development is essential to attract and retain a highly functional staff, especially in a context which is international in terms of both environment and location. Technical, governance and service backgrounds are all welcome in Tera, because our aim is to put together a vast network of values, experiences and competences.  In order to achieve this goal, Tera strives to attract national and international talents whose background is as diversified as the company’s activities and global presence.